Sunday, 22 April 2012

Flannel and Leather

Today I thought would give a little nod to the 80’s without having to resort to neon leggings, cut-off gloves and shoulder pads.  Here I am, casually hanging out at the dry cleaners on a Friday afternoon…leaning like a hoodlum, waiting for trouble…

Ok, even though the hot pink heels and high-waisted leather skirt scream 80’s, I don’t think it comes off that way. Sometimes when I wear multiple trends from one decade, I feel like I’m wearing a costume. 

Instead I like to concentrate on one or two pieces and mix them with modern elements or combine them with unexpected pieces to create a modern look. 

So what do you think? Does this look scream 80’s to you? 
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Necklace: Stella and Dot - $70, Shirt: Jacob - $7, Skirt: Mom’s – Vintage, Heels: Nine West - $30.

Photo credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Hometown

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Unknown said...

Love that 80's look and the leather skirt !!