Friday, 25 May 2012

San Francisco Bound 2

I’m on my way to San Francisco again, so this time around, I thought would write about what I packed in my purse.  Every time I go on a plane I always clean out my purse to make it as light as possible and to make room for all the other crap items I will need while I’m traveling. While cleaning out my purse, I noticed that I accumulated an insane amount of receipts in a month. What is with that? Is it my subconscious trying to prevent me from making more purchases by making it impossible for me to locate my wallet? Nobody knows!

Ok, Ready? Here we go.

Documents: Passport, itinerary, wallet and IDs.

These are the probably the items I check for repeatedly. I will likely go through my bag at least five times to make sure I have them before I even post this. 
Paranoia rears its ugly head.

Accessories: Headphones, magazine, sunglasses, compact mirror, glasses, hand sanitizer.

Out of everything listed, my glasses are probably the most important because without them, I can barely see 5 meters ahead of me. Everything else can be bought at the airport or on the plane.

Technology: Camera, battery charger, phone.

I like to keep my tech items with me at all times because I don’t want to risk the airline losing my luggage. It's probably best to keep all valuables in your carry-on so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged, stolen or lost while you fly. I personally keep all valuable/sentimental items at home.

Liquid Toiletries:  Hand lotion, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, moisturizers, foundation.

Anything liquid as carry-on needs to be under 100ml in clear containers and placed in a plastic bag. I bought these plastic containers years ago when I was backpacking through Europe. I always grab a bunch of clear baggies at the airport so I can do this step at home. This way I don’t have to rummage through my luggage in the security line and expose my items to the person behind me.

Makeup Bag: Makeup and tools.

I usually bring this in my purse because if I need to touch up before landing I can. I personally don’t think I travel well, so adding some blush can make the world of difference.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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