Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Petaluma Outlets Haul

Over the Memorial Day long weekend, we traveled to the Petaluma Village Premium Outlets, which is an hour north of San Francisco to take advantage of the holiday discounts. I found some really great items at some amazing prices:

I finally found a beach hat that I am happy with. I’ve been looking for one ever since my $7, Forever 21 hat ripped after only wearing it twice in Florida. Unfortunately, some things are exactly what you pay for. SIGH. Lesson learned. The quality of this one is a lot sturdier so hopeful it will withstand those windy days at the beach. What I also like about this hat is that it isn’t floppy like a lot of other ones in the market which means that I will get more coverage from the sun.

When I saw these shoes I was immediately drawn to them for both their classic look and summer appeal. I think loafers look so cute on women. My boyfriend who is easily wavered by designer brands told me that they were a steal at this price so I caved and picked them up. 

This was my favourite purchase of the day! I’m still so excited about it, weeks later. I’ve been lusting after Emma’s military sweater that she picked up from Esprit a while back and have been threatening to steal it ever since. When I saw this jacket, it immediately reminded me of hers. I’ve been wanting a military style jacket for years and now I can finally cross it off my list. 

Since I’ve been scolded for not having enough rings to shoot, I have been keeping my eye out for some statement rings. Luckily, I found some that I absolutely love! Coincidentally, Emma has the same gold ring as shown here but I got it for a fraction of the price. Something tells me she’s not going to like that...

Finally, here is the purchase I was resisting the most. There is one thing about me that you don’t know...I absolutely hate to shop for running shoes. My coping mechanism to avoid this chore is to avoid it at all costs by wearing mine down until the soles fall off. That’s not an exaggeration. I went so long in my older shoes that a hole formed in the sole. My reaction? Eh. Its only a problem when it rains. And when the sole fell off my other shoe, I was forced to buy a new pair.

The pair in my possession now (the dirty ones), was bought when my friend confiscated the runners I was wearing at the time while I was trying on shoes at a store and threw them in the garbage outside. Consequently,  I was forced to buy a new pair.

So here is my newest pair, forced on me by my boyfriend. After many threats I caved and bought them but I accidentally/purposely left them in his closet in San Francisco. Looking at these pictures now, I probably should have brought them home but in my defense, we had just gone on a hike so they look a lot worse in these pictures than they do now.

I would like to share with you some of my tips to shopping at outlet stores so let me know if this is something of interest to you and I will start to type away.

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Hat: Saks Fifth - $24, Loafers: Cole Haan - $48, Jacket: BCBG - $96, Rings: BCBG - $8 each, Running Shoes: PUMA - $30.


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