Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Thrifting for Scarves

Due to the recent heat wave, my office has cranked the air-conditioning, which means I’m sweating during my commute and freezing at my desk. I have therefore resorted to keeping shawls at the office to keep warm.  In search of variety, I jetted to my local thrift store where I hit the jackpot. Here are some of my lucky finds:

I’ve been looking for this style of scarf for a really long time. I’ve seen them more frequently in Europe but I haven’t been able to find any stores that carry them here. Luckily I found two at my local thrift store, one in deep blue and the other in light blue.

I love the rose pattern on this one. It’s so unique and I haven’t seen anything like it. The best part? It’s reversible! I’m going to take this one out for a spin this weekend. I have the perfect summer dress to pair with it.

This scarf reminds me of something that an elderly woman would wear but I think this would look really cute with a black jumper or a maxi dress. You could even tie it around your waist as a sarong for the summer.

Here are two scarves I picked up that are similar in size and style. I usually wear these scarves loosely hanging over my neck or around one my purse straps. The one on the top was my very first thrift purchase from a second hand store in Tokyo, the other was a recent find from here.

Lastly, here are my absolute two favourite scarves that I was really lucky to find last year. A leopard print in both blue and brown. It’s not very common to find multiples of the same item in a second hand store, and even more unlikely, is finding two different colours of the same item. At such a great price, I picked up both!

Each of these scarves cost $7 to dry clean which is more than what I paid for most of them individually but I think the initial investment is worth it. Of course you could also wash these scarves at home, but since they are thrift, I wanted to make sure they received a thorough scrubbing and I didn’t want to damage the material by doing it myself. Even including the dry cleaning cost, the price of each would still be way less than what I would normally pay for them at any other store found in my local mall.

I would love to know which one is your favourite, so please don’t forget to comment below.

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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