Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Deal of the Week: Savings at The Body Shop

This is the last week to save big on beauty AND skin-care at The Body Shop!

The Body Shop has carried some of my favorite skin-care products over the years. One of the best little tools I keep stashed away in my "perfect skin" arsenal to fight blemishes is this:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil - $9

On the make-up side of things, this product takes the prize in my eyes becuase of its durability. After ten years of abuse it still looks brand new and feels softer than some of my more higher-end brushes. Lesson learned - A higher price tag doesn't always mean better quality when it comes to beauty tools:

The Body Shop Face and Body Brush - $26

My tip for these kind of sales is to pick out items that are all approximately the same price since it is your lowest item that will be discounted at the register. By doing so you will maximize your savings.

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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