Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm Doving It

If you have long hair then you also most definitely have something else. What is it? 
Dove Nourishing Oil Care, Anti-Frizz Serum - $4.99 at PC Superstore

Yaaaaay...*defeated sigh* Okay, so there is obviously nothing, not one thing, that is actually fun about those annoying, sneaky little guys. Wasting hours on end snipping away at each individual split is futile. So, what do you do when you’re trying to grow your hair out but you hate having your ends looking like frayed yarn? You fuse those evil split ends together!

Getting frustrated with how expensive high end oil treatments were, I snatched up this Dove Anit-Frizz Serum on a whim and to my surprise, it has been a wonderful little find! It’s all I use after I get out of the shower and on dry hair if I feel I need a little shine boost. I highly recommend it because it works wonders on my split ends and leaves my hair shiny and soft without being oily. On the plus side, I can go longer between haircuts without looking like I'm way overdue. At only $5 it's definitely worth a try.

I like it. Do you??? Let me know by commenting below.

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Guest Post: Emma Kapetanovic

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