Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monet Masterpiece

This dress was one of my first purchases from Winners…ever! Surprising right? It seems like a frugal shopper like myself would frequent these types of establishments, but in reality, I generally try to avoid them. 

Big box stores like Winners, Marshals and T.J. Maxx always put me off, I find the large amount of inventory overwhelming and sifting through endless rows of racks was never really my thing. More importantly, the target market always seemed a little…err… older.

Well there is something to be said about the saying “Older is Wiser” because these women know where it’s at. Although the average age of the consumers I joined were indeed in the forties range, there were plenty of garments that were well suited for their daughters as well. In fact, I found some really great brands better known in my age range that are normally out of reach of my purse strings at some very affordable prices. BCBG dress for $50? Betsey Johnson heels for $40? A pricing error? Apparently not.

 Luckily, I found this maxi dress, a key summer item that I have been looking to check off my summer list (previous post here). Although I’m not one to be on top of trends, by happenstance, this dress sported the high-low maxi that was popular this summer. More importantly, I think the peek-a-boo leg lengthens me while breaking up the pattern which can look overwhelming on my frame at times. 

You may be surprised to know that this dress is actually a size 10. Since this was the smallest size left, I almost didn't pick it up initially but I loved the print so much that I couldn't pass it up. The pattern reminds me of a Monet painting, especially the soft pinks and purples. 

Instead I tried it on and, shockingly, it fit more like a size 6! I can definitely get away with belting it since the fabric is light and the bigger size makes the dress more flowy instead of looking too large.

One pointer I can give is not to restrict yourself to the section allocated to your size when shopping at these types of stores. Since they carry a wide range of designers, sizes will vary accordingly - so a small in one brand could be equivalent to a large in another. I’ll definitely go back for fall wear. Hopefully, I’ll be just as lucky the second time. 

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Dress: Winners - $44, Heels: Nine West - $20, Belt: Vintage – Mom’s, Necklace: Ottawa - $75.

Photo Credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Toronto

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