Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sunset Shadows

I bought this sleeveless knit cardigan as a perfect transition piece for fall, one of my favourite seasons for weather and fashion.

Although I bought this cardigan almost two years ago and have worn it many times over, it pretty much looks brand spanking new. And believe me, it's not because I'm extra cautious with my clothing. Most of my clothes spend 75% of their lives somewhere on the floor of my bedroom.

Many people know that after wearing the same sweater multiple times it will start to accumulate those ghastly sweater pillings - a fancy word for sweater lint, which is a tell tale sign that your sweater has been in your wardrobe rotation an embarrassing amount of times. I know I'm not the only who has experienced sweater shame...

Now at this point some people would just toss the item and purchase a new one, but if you can't afford that luxury like myself, then you invest in a handy device called a sweater shaver (found at any fabric store or online here.)

I love this item because it takes seconds to remove pillings and reduces the chance of snipping or damaging your garment if you were to use scissors. It takes absolutely no mental effort so I tend to do this while I'm watching t.v.

There are lots of ways to de-pill your sweaters so to find a way that suits you you can watch this video. I would love to know what your favourite technique is so don't forget to let me know by commenting below. A celebratory jump for extending the life of your sweaters this fall? Why not?

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Cardigan: Mendacino - $45 , Dress: Club Monaco - $90, Shorts: H&M - $15, Necklace: H&M - $15, Boots: ASOS - $36.

Photo Credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Hometown

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Marissa P said...

Love the outfit, the hair, the shoes, the ambiance. You go girl!