Monday, 8 October 2012

Braided Bombshell

I'm just going to put it out there - hair is not my thing. When it comes to styling clothing and accessories, I can pull together outfits like nobody's business but when it comes to hair, I never know what do. It's a battle that I lose every time.

How much time do I spend on my hair in the morning? Um....none. I usually sport a messy top knot, a hairstyle that hasn't changed much since high school. When the messy bun became a "trend" I was quite happy about it since I had been preparing for that moment most of my adult life.

I recently found out that a coworker of mine Eve, was a hair dresser... a secret that she has been keeping from me for good reason. She always has the most amazing up-dos at work so when she sported this look, I demanded ... I mean "requested" she do the same to my hair.

Only 15 minutes of a magic and the outcome was this...Isn't it amazing?!!? I really like the messy look of this hair style because it doesn't look you tried all that hard. I think this would look even more amazing on women who have highlights because it would add a little dimension and interest to the braid.

Since that day, I've been watching a lot of how-to youtube videos on hair styling so now I am inspired to test some of these up-dos in some of my upcoming posts. Hopefully they will come out just as well as this one and if I'm lucky, Eve will perform a little magic a second time, hint hint, nudge nudge.

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Jacket: BCBG - $96, T-Shirt: Zara - $15, Jeans: Garage - $20, Boots: Japan

Photo Credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Toronto


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cool! love it!

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