Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gift Ideas for the Beauty Junkie: Who Loves a Night In

Today we continue our Gift Ideas series by bringing you some great finds for those beauty girls who just need some rest and relaxation with a night in....or perhaps to help our Fashionistas Who Love to Party recover from that late night out. Everyone needs a little papmerping so we suggest you help your beauty junkie get comfy, get warm and get a good nights sleep.

1. Lambie Slippers - $15.00 2. Penguin Shea Infused Socks - $8.50 
3. Hydrating Aloe and Vitamin E Therapy Socks (2 pair) - $14

I am a big fan of dual purpose products. These adorable socks not only keep feet warm but they are also infused with moisturizing shea butter - a great idea for the winter when soles tend to get super dry and flaky. You can wear these while you sleep to get those feet extra moisturized. If your beauty junkie is not the socks-in-bed type, then these sheep slippers are a perfectly adorable alternative to keep your beauty junkie toasty after she has lotioned up with her favorite moisturizer.

Moving up to the face:  masks are a great way to give skin a little boost whether you are being proactive and planning for the next day, or whether you are trying to reverse some damage from the night before. Face masks draw out dirt and oil from the skin as they dry leaving pores clean and small. Since most require at least five minutes of wear, your beauty junkie will get the benefit of absorbing any vitamins or minerals found within the mask itself. Face masks can get pretty pricey so we have gathered up some of our favourites above that do the trick without breaking the bank.

1. Chamomile - $9.20/2 oz 2. Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls - $12.00/2 oz
3. Calming Moon Tea - $13.90/4 oz 4. Sleep Well Herbal Tea - $7.94/2 oz
5. Organic Rooibos - $12.77/4 oz 6. Lavender Dreams White Tea - $15.00/2 oz

What's a beauty junkie to do while waiting for her face mask to harden? Drink something warm and comforting of course! We suggest getting her some well known sleep inducing teas. I bet you didn't know that not only do these  teas help the beauty junkie relax on her night in, but are also very good for your skin.  She can beautify from the outside as well as the inside - double whammy! Chamomile is a well known relaxant and has many skin clearing benefits. If your beauty girl doesn't like the taste of this herb, get rooibos, a South African tea with tons of antioxidants (and no caffeine). My personal favourite is vanilla rooibos.

Finally we get to the end of the night. Her feet feel like a baby's bottom, her pores are impeccable and her skin is glowing with antioxidants and hydration. It's now time for the beauty junkie to get her beauty sleep. It's important to get a good seven to nine hours of sleep a night and if the tea didn't do the trick, then surely these aroma therapeutic pillow mists will! I absolutely love the Lavender Vanilla pillow mist and use it avidly. However, if you don't like that scent, then try the Body Shops' mist which boasts the smell of geranium, juniper, chamomile and patchouli oil in order to promote deep sleep and relaxation.

I hope these ideas have inspired you as we count down the days to the holidays. 

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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