Monday, 12 November 2012

Gift Ideas for the Fashionista - Who Loves to Party

We’re only six weeks away from one of my favourite holidays and if you don’t want to be stuck in long lines, pushed around in big crowds and cursing the holiday season I would recommend getting a head start on your holiday shopping. Here, on Budget Brunettes, we decided to introduce a new series that showcases some gift ideas that would be ideal for those fashionistas and beauty gurus in your life.

For fashionistas who love to mistake, I mean "par-tay", I suggest getting some bling. And if more bling is better then the only jewelry item acceptable for the fashionista are earrings right? Ok, not sure how sound that logic is but lets just roll with it for a minute. Earrings are a great way to bring a little razzle dazzle to an outfit especially if wearing any of the statement earrings chosen below. Just make sure her ears are pierced before buying a pair in order to avoid a very awkward moment.

1. Canary Drops - $42  2. Turq Theda Chandelier - $32 3. Violet Chain Drops - $26  
4. Azure Chain Cascade - $26 5. Urban Nero - $30  6. Deco Celadon Drops - $24
7. Iced Lance Drops - $26  8. Teardrop Drops - $42  9. Urban Multi - $26  

What is a handy man without his tool belt? A surgeon without her scalpel? Bacon without eggs? The second gift idea is a party girl’s go to accessory; both functional and fashionable, a necessity for all evening outings. My God this is quite the build-up…for those fashionistas in your life who like to party, I suggest buying them a clutch...and a pretty one at that. Try to look for clutches with straps so they can be worn multiple ways and reduces the chance of being left behind in a taxi. However, if you do find one that is “oh so special” without a strap, it’s easily forgivable. Here are some clutches that I would love to find under my Christmas tree:

7. Red Selena Studs Box Clutch - $26  8. EST. 1969 Black Studded Clutch - $40  
9. Blue Velvet Snake Print Envelope Clutch - $26

This next gift is just as much a gift to the boyfriend as it is to the fashionista. We’ve all been there, before we leave the house, we demand to be in our big girl shoes in obvious denial about what’s to come later in the night 1) you’re walking home barefooted avoiding glass and questionable liquids 2) you are taking a $$$ cab ride home 3) you’re being carried home by the same person who told you not to wear the tallest heels in the world in the first place. So what’s the remedy to this? How do we break the cycle? Most fashionistas would hardly give up fashion for comfort BUT if it so happens you have a comfortable fashionable alternative in your purse, then it’s a win-win right? 

Flat Out Heels Rollable Flats - $20

These flats are both practical and fashionable where no compromise is necessary between you and your significant other. Wear the big girl heels in the beginning of the night and if it so happens that its gets too painful after a couple of hours, you can do a little switch-a-roo. Best part is that these flats come with a little pouch so you can store them in your purse without getting the contents of your purse dirty. 

I hope you enjoy this new series as we start counting down the days to the holidays.

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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