Friday, 21 December 2012

Gift Ideas for a Beauty Junkie: Last Minute Gifts!

There are only 5 days left until Christmas! How can this be??

If you’re anything like me, then you still have a few gifts you need to pick up. This “Gift Ideas” is focused on great gifts from easily accessible stores that are open late (handy when you’re present-less at  Christmas Eve with no idea where to turn). All of the products featured are tried, tested and approved by yours truly as the best and most effective I have found at absolutely the lowest prices out there because, let’s face it…if these are last minute gifts, your wallet is lookin’ a little bare right now,  isn’t it? I'm here to help.

1. Essence Cosmetics - Start at $1.49, 15% off, Shopper’s Drug Mart  2. NYX Eye Pencil Jumbo - $5.99, Rexall Pharmacy  3. Maybelline Baby Face BB Cream - $7.97, Walmart 4. Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain - $10.99 30% off, Rexall Pharmacy  5. NYX Lipgloss Megashine - $7.99, Rexall Pharmacy 6. NYX Eye Pencil Slim - $3.99, Rexall Pharmacy  7. CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks - $8.99, Superstore

We have all seen those oh so generic gift sets that pop up this time of year. These are very convenient indeed, but perhaps a little too convenient? Often the gift-receiver can feel that adequate thought has not been put into their present. So, I have devised a plan! I have split these products into 3 different categories, the first of which (above) I lovingly call, My Favorite Cosmetics for Under $10. Pick up a few and make your own gift set OR grab one or two and use them as great stocking stuffers. All of these are great quality products which is not always the case with many of the pre-made gift sets out there.

1. Spectroderm Cleanser - $8.99, Walmart 2. Polysporin - $8.99 to $11.99 15% off, Shopper’s Drug Mart
3. Spectroderm HydraCare Facial Moisturizer - $11.97, Walmart 4. Palmers Coco Butter Lotion - $5.99, Superstore 5. Aveeno Mini Set - $5.99, Rexall Pharmacy

The next category is titled My Trusty Skin Care Arsenal. These are products that I use, love and trust on a daily basis and also when my skin decides to go on a little strike every so often. A gift set comprising of these five products would be a blessing for ANYONE (guy or girl) who has ever had a bad skin day. I realize that the odd-man-out here is the Polysporin - let me explain: This magical little gel is my secret weapon against acne blemishes. Not only does it take away the sting, but it helps speed up healing so you can get back to looking flawless in no time.

1. CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Colour - $5.47, Walmart 2. Essence Nail Polish - $2.49, 15% off, Shopper’s Drug Mart  3. Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer - $3.49, Walmart  4. Revlon Holiday Pedicure Kits - $7.99, Rexall Pharmacy  5. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy- 2/$14 at Shopper’s Drug Mart 6. KIT Nail Lacquer - Buy one get one 50% off at Rexall

Lastly, the My Nails Are My Best Accessory category. This category is all about fun. Not only is this the least expensive of the three, but the look of a gift set with all of these nail nik-naks is a colourful delight for anyone to open on Christmas day! My favorite is #5 since you get twice the value with this dual nail polish tube AND twice the fun. Why, you ask? One word: sparkles. Everyone knows how we feel about sparkles by now, right?  I hope that this gift guide makes this a Merrier Christmas for everyone!

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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