Monday, 10 December 2012

Gift Ideas for the Fashionista - Who Loves to be Cozy

During this time of year, there is nothing better than sitting in front of a fire place, sipping tea and watching a Christmas movie with the Christmas tree lights blinking in the background. So, as a complete departure from our first edition to the Gift Ideas for the Fashionista Series, we decided to share gift ideas that will help keep the fashionista in your life stay cozy during this holiday season.

For those really cold winter days, my biggest concern is shielding my extremities from the wind and nothing is more important than keeping your fingers from getting frost bite. I prefer mittens over gloves because they keep my fingers together for extra warmth. Only one small issue ... how is the modern girl supposed to dial and text with mittens on?? We suggest getting her ones with removal fingertips for additional manoeuvring capabilities if this is a concern for your fashionista.

When it comes to Christmas sweaters, let's stay clear of those tacky holiday ones that tend to rear their ugly heads at family get togethers. Festive sweaters can be a challenge to the fashionista - how is one supposed to look stylish and modern with a gigantic reindeer head on one's chest? Well, when gifting, my suggestion is to look for sweaters that merely hint at holiday festivities rather than being so literal and bold. I like sweaters that sport silver, blue and bronze rather than the typical red and green. If you want to get your fashionista something a little more "holiday" then one with a snow flake silhouette might be an ideal option.

1. Lobers Wired Earmuffs - $20 2. Mossimo Cable Knit Headphone Earmuffs - $17 

Why not inject a little fun into winter head-gear by getting her something in faux fur? I think earmuffs are a great option because not only are they a fun alternative to the run of the mill hat, but they keep you from getting that dreaded hat hair (admit it, we know you care).  An added bonus is that some earmuffs on the market come with earphones already in them. Neutral colours are always a good choice because they will go with any winter wear she may already own but I suggest getting her something with a pop of colour for a little pazazz. When purchasing earmuffs, choose something with an adjustable head strap if you can find one and make sure to test them out. There's nothing worse then a piece of plastic jabbing at your ear. Above are some options that I like.

Lastly, it’s just as important to be comfy and cozy inside the house as you are outside, so pyjamas make a great gift option to help her keep cozy. Now to the boyfriends who are reading this, when I say pyjamas, I don’t mean lingerie. This is a gift for HER, not for you! Let's save that idea for a different day shall we? I love me some flannel, but cotton is a tad better because it’s more breathable. Pyjamas are pretty easy to buy as a gift because they tend to come in only three sizes, S, M or L (less chance of offending your gift recipient in case you get it wrong). I would suggest going up a size rather than down if you aren’t sure…looser pyjamas are always preferable to tighter ones.

We hope these gift ideas will make the fashionista in your life very happy and we promise not to tell her you came to us for a little help.

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