Monday, 17 December 2012

Office Party

Today I bring you another outfit inspired by the season. Due to a plethora of holiday office parties I've had to attend, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase an outfit perfect for those office holiday shin-dings.

Instead of decking out in mis-matched red/green items from my closet or sporting awkward Christmas sweaters (nothing wrong with that if it tickles your fancy), I find that wearing festive inspired articles that can transition from day time to night is a chic way to do Christmas proud in an office environment. 

This also means that in case the party continues after regular work hours you don't have to lug around a change of clothes in a tote all day long. I like this outfit because it combines two different looks into one ensemble. To me, the blouse and cardigan duo says “woman at work” but the sequined skirt says “bottoms up”.

The white stripes in the cardigan tie in the white skirt, stockings and shoes so the outfit blends from top to bottom. I also recently got a new pair of eyeglasses so I thought I would showcase them here for the first time. I hope all of you are having fun at your holiday parties!

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Jacket: Japan, Cardigan: J.Crew - $31, Blouse: Winners - $17, Skirt: H&M - $30, Shoes: Forever 21 - $32, Tights: Joe Fresh - $1.99.

Photo Credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Toronto


Sandra said...

You truly look amazing :)
Love the colour pop that the striped jacket brings somehow.


Sandra @

style guide.L A M said...

Such a perfect combination of color and prints! amazing look :) So glad to have found your blog. keep in touch :)

xoxo, Tiffany