Monday, 28 January 2013

Charm and Chain

Once again, I decided to go black and white today, adding just a touch of metalic by layering my mother’s belts from the 80’s. I chose two belts with silver detailing to contrast the black and compliment the white in the outfit. Personally, I think it makes me look like a bad-ass…. or perhaps a janitor? I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

This is one of my favourite scarves (made for me by my mom). I’ve been wearing it quite often as of late and I’ve really been digging the dark purple. I don't wear a lot of colour during the winter season on a normal basis but I think this dark purple hue is perfect.

Before purchasing a knitted scarf in the store for $30+, I would suggest making one yourself. Not only are you in complete control over the colour and length of the scarf, but the price of yarn is really inexpensive. A friend of mine knit a scarf for me last year and added buttons to it that act as a clasp, which I thought was really creative. 

If you are like me and do not know how to knit, the winter is a great time to learn since there is more downtime now than during other seasons...or at least more indoor time. There are a lot of great resources online especially on Youtube. I am always envious of those people on the train/bus who can knit - what a great way to pass the time and also be productive! 

I just noticed that all of the accessories for this outfit are from my mom’s closet. It just goes to show that you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to look stylish. I hope everyone is all bundled up and enjoying the snow!

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Vest: Esprit - $35, Scarf: Handmade, Jacket: Japan, Belts: Mom's - Vintage, Gloves: Mom's - Vintage, Purse: Mom's - Vintage, Sunglasses: H&M - $2, Pants: Macy's - $20, Boots: Locale - $35.

Photo Credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Hometown

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