Friday, 22 February 2013

Polaroids from Lake Tahoe

I spent the last week in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to escape for the day to Lake Tahoe for a ski trip. Here are some candid polaroids from the trip. Although my skiing was a tad rusty, my posing hasn't suffered one bit.

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Deal of the Week: Up to 80% off Forever21

Forever21 is currently having an up to 80% off sale. Not sure how long this one will last so make sure you check it out fast before items run out!!

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Photo Credit: Forever21

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I flew into San Francisco last night just in time for Valentine’s Day. Believe me, that was a complete coincidence.  Thinking back, I tend to put more emphasis on this Hallmark holiday when I was younger and couldn’t spend it with my boyfriend. 

So tonight we’re going to avoid the cliché Valentine’s Day set menu for two and go to Whole Foods and pick up some groceries to spend the night cooking and watching a movie…NOT a romantic comedy. A gift to my boyfriend that I’m sure he will appreciate. 

For this post, I wanted to do a little flashback to an event I attended with Emma in the summer. She was a participant in an art contest where the topic was “Fearlessness.” Her challenge was to create a representation of the topic at hand in two hours. 

If you didn’t know, Emma is quite the talented artist. She’s been drawing in notebooks, canvases and on MY homework ever since I met her in high school. I actually have a shoebox of all of her doodles, drawings and paintings in storage. She may think it's for sentimental reasons, but I'm just an investor at never know when those doodles will be worth something one day...

For the contest, she chose to draw a mosque and Eastern European tapestry to represent her home country Bosnia and her mother’s struggles moving to Canada with two children during the war. Unfortunately, she didn’t win (in my opinion she was robbed) but regardless, I think it was a great experience for her to share her story and talent with her friends and family. 

During the art show, I stepped outside to take some shots of my outfit but unfortunately they didn’t turn out so well so I did a reshoot of my outfit here in San Francisco. I tried going for the artsy cool vibe, which might have gotten lost in translation somehow. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Looking back, the most memorable Valentine’s Days have been spent with my girlfriends. Single or not, this day should be about spending time with the people you care about most and in my opinion, spending this romantic day with your girlfriends/best friends is probably going to be a hell of a lot more fun! I would love to know what your plans are so please leave a comment below.

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Blouse: Zara - $30, Pants: Macy's - $20, Jacket: Zara - $30, Earrings: Japan, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters - $10, Clutch: Vintage - Mom's, Ring: BCBG - $8, Heels: Steve Madden - $45.

Photo Credit: Dream
Location: San Francisco

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Save vs. Splurge Series - Colouring and Contouring

Today we continue the series that we started waaaay back before we got all caught up in Christmas and New Year madness - a series we lovingly call, Save vs. Splurge. Despite being budget conscious, we at Budget Brunettes are very aware that sometimes it is better, in fact, to splurge. So we will once again be letting you know what items to save those pennies for (or "nickles" for all us Canadian folks) and which to purchase at will. Today we are focusing on the face.

Sonia Kaskuk - $8.99 at Target
Because many different shades of blush will compliment one single skin tone, a girl needs to experiment. This gets hard to do on high-end price tags.  There are so many dupes at drugstores (more on this later) that come at a much lower cost. I will include one caution, however: know your skin type. If you have sensitive skin go for mineralized blush, if you have dry skin go for a cream blush, etc. Knowing your skin type will ensure that you are not breaking out to products, low or high end. I like this one by Sonia Kashuk since it is super pigmented and lasts all day long.
Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer - $36.00 at Sephora

Similarly, bronzer comes in a variety of shades to suite different skin tones. However, despite the one exception that I have found (NYC's Sunny Bronzer), generally low end bronzers tend to be more orange than the tan colour that is coveted. I recommend my favourite matte bronzer from Benefit if you mainly want to accentuate those cheek bones and contour the face. For a luminous and back-from-a-tropical-vacation look,  try one with a bit of shimmer.  Avoid tons of sparkles though - the point is not to look like a disco ball.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Until next next time,

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Deal of the Week: 20% off Victoria's Secret

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Victoria's Secret is having a today only sale where any one bra is 20% off in-store and online using code 20VSBRA. I'm sure a gift like this would go over really well by the valentine in your life and I promise not to take any credit.

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Photo Credit: Victoria Secret

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Short Intermission

I’ve been experiencing a bit of writer’s block lately so I thought for today’s post I would move away from my usual fashion topic and discuss some changes I want to make.  

Side note: Going ahead I think I will depart from the fashion discussion and try to write about things that are a bit more personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love discussing fashion but I find it gets a bit boring after awhile, especially when you are blogging about it twice a week.

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired and restless lately. I’m just not feeling the creative juices flowing. I think that the February blues may have something to do with it or, it may be because I’m just tired. As you know, I'm one month into the MBA program and it hasn't been too kind on my sleep schedule. 

Lastly, I think my content has been slowly degrading. Somehow I lost the humour that I used to inject here are there in my writing. I think it’s a lot harder to write about things when you feel forced and deadlines are looming. I think I need to take a step back….rewind and relax… at which point I will return with more enthusiasm and passion., which will hopefully inspire you as a reader in your fashion choices. 

I am planning on keeping this intermission short and only specific to outfit posts. I have a couple of busy weeks ahead in terms of school projects but shortly after, spring break will be here in which case I can squeeze in some more shoots. I will continue to post other fashion related topics in the meantime so don't feel like I'm leaving you high and dry! Oh, and just for contextual purposes, Emma threw snow at my head in the second last photo and so I was giving her a "look". I hope you have a great week!

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Jacket: H&M - $45, Scarf: Thrifted - $3, Sweater: Joe Fresh - $30, Skirt: Mom's - Vintage, Boots: Steve Madden - $105, Tights - Old, Gloves: Mom's - Vintage, Earmuffs: Mom's - Vintage.

Photo credit: Emma Kapetanovic
Location: Hometown