Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New Beginnings

Ladies and gents, shit just got real!! I finally got my hands on a SLR. As the sun was setting behind the San Francisco skyline, I was determined to rip off the packaging and get my Tyra Banks on.  On this particular day, it was freezing outside and I was in no mood to battle it so we decided to stay indoors in the comfort and warmth of our apartment and test the camera in an indoor setting. Here are the very first photos snapped.  

For this look, I decided to turn the sweater around so the neckline showcased my back. The sweater has a pretty low "V" so the x-rated things you would have seen if worn correctly would not have been appropriate for this type of blog. As it so happens, my mom knitted me a scarf that was almost exactly the same maroon as the sweater so I decided to pair them together to make them look as if they were one piece. 

The view from my man friend's apartment is stellar. He lives on top of a hill so you can get great views of the city skyline against the Oakland bridge however, I often find myself climbing this hill with multiple bags from the farmer's market so unfortunately I don't have the fondest memories of it.

All my photos up until now have been the work of my Canon point and shoot, which don't get me wrong, has been working wonders considering how old it is (in technology years), but I've always felt that with a better camera, the picture quality would bring the level of awesomeness of my photos from a 7 to a 10. I don't plan on burying my little point and shoot in the technology graveyard just yet, but I do think he will be of better use in the casual settings of my everyday life. So happy retirement old man! You did good!

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Sweater: Esprit - $40, Scarf: Homemade, Purse: Mom's - Vintage, Sunglasses: H&M - $2.

Photo Credit: Dream
Location: San Francisco


Vivian said...

I'm going to start wearing all my sweaters backwards... love it!

Denisa said...

Wow, amazing pics with the sun and perfect outfit. Have a great weekend.

L.E.N K said...

great pics with the sunset behind!

and thank u so much for posting a comment on my blog,too!

Japanese desuyo-!

JoannaD said...

You look great! I love your jumper:)

JoannaD said...
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