Friday, 1 March 2013

Pink Ribbon

Spring Break Summary:

1) Travelled to San Francisco to spend time with my man friend
2) Skied in Lake Tahoe with said man friend
3) Caught the flu/virus/cold the day I landed in Toronto 
4) Suffered with every symptom known to man and spent 4 days lying in bed blanketed with self pity
5) Outcasted by my friends because I was "contagious" (It's unfortunate that discrimination still exists in this day and age)
6) Was completely unproductive with my time off

So that pretty much summarizes my break! I'm sure you could hear the violins playing while you read that, but if I can't whine to you, then who do I have left?

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Tights: Old, Heels: Nine West - $35, Bag: Mom's - Vintage, Faux Fur Coat: Winners - $100, Cardigan: Mendacino - $45, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters - $10, Necklace: Madewell - $110, Blouse: FCUK - $40, Ribbon: Fabric Land - 50¢, Skirt: FCUK - $15.

Photo Credit: Dream
Location: San Francisco

1 comment:

Sybil said...

fantastic look!!! fabulous layering with that fur piece!!

have a good weekend!
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