Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Canadian Drugstore Make-up Price Comparison

So as everyone knows, Target has been open in Canada for a couple of months now and I was curious to see how their prices compared to other drugstores in the area. Often I find myself wondering if I'm really getting the best price for a brand but am too lazy to price check. I'm sure there are many of you, like me, who just want to walk into a store and feel somewhat comfortable you are getting the best deal possible.

So for a Saturday afternoon project, I decided to investigate by visiting four well-known Canadian drugstores: Walmart, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore. The make-up products I chose were ones that I thought would be well-known brands that would be offered at any of these locations. All of the prices bellow are original prices therefore, you could definitely pick up these products at a cheaper price if you happen to walk-in during a sale. Red arrows indicate the lowest price and blue arrows indicate prices that are only 1-3 cents higher. Here are the findings:

After comparing eight common drugstore make-up products, the results showed that Walmart consistently had the lowest price while Shoppers Drug Mart had the highest price (no surprise there). However, what I found interesting was that for many of the products, Target's prices came very close to Walmart's, often only higher by 1-3 cents (boxed in blue). In total, Target's total price of all products listed was only higher by $2.5. Not too shabby Target! Superstore's total price was almost $10 higher than Walmart's prices where most products on average were priced $1 to $3 more than Walmart's with a couple of exceptions. So the moral of the story? If you want to feel good about getting the best price for drugstore make-up, I would recommend heading to Walmart or Target.

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A N D Y S T Y L E said...

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