Thursday, 6 June 2013

Five Summer Resolutions

Since we are now at the beginning of June, I decided to do another set of mid-year declarations (a repeat of last year’s post which you can read here), which are essentially summer resolutions that I commit to on this blog because well…let’s face it, when it’s on paper, it’s more official...right?

Recently, I decided to switch from full-time to part-time studies. Therefore, I’m making a conscious effort to NOT fill up all of my extra time watching reality t.v. and youtube videos but instead to spend more time away from my computer, outside and with friends.  I decided to organize my resolutions into five categories, as I generally do. So, here we go...starting with number one:

1. Play

There are a couple of hobbies that I love to do just as much as I love blogging but that I haven’t picked up in a while. Cooking is pretty up there, as is gardening (herbs), arts and crafts (beading) and yoga (my only cardio in months and let's be honest, there isn't a lot of cardio in yoga). One thing I may not have mentioned before is that I used to dance quite a bit while I was growing up and stepping into a studio would be something that I would love to pick up again.

2. Travel

This one is kind of a cheat. Finding time to travel has never been a hard task of mine considering my manfriend lives in the U.S. and I tend to visit him quite often. So in terms of travelling, my goal is to visit new places with other people besides said manfriend. I have a couple of places and people in mind so you will definitely hear about those as they occur.

3. Work

This one may seem counterintuitive but I do have my reasons. Have you ever had one of those days where all you do is watch t.v./youtube videos (see above), nap, eat and creep your facebook friends and justify that you were somewhat productive because you had the will to change out of your pj's and into sweats? Ya, that tends to happen too often in my world and I always feel disgusting afterwards. So in order to limit this sort of behaviour, I've decided to focus my efforts on getting good grades and looking into what type of industry I want to get into after I graduate. I feel like working hard has always made the playing bit a lot more fun.

4. Socialize 

As a hermit I tend to avoid going out because, well…I don’t want to. Which is really a shame because I feel like most of the time, when I’m forced to socialize I end up having a really good time. During my first semester at school, I was so busy that I almost only saw people that I went to school with. So I’m trying to schedule more outings with friends and in particular, ones I haven’t seen since I started my MBA months ago. 

5. Read

When I say read, I mean read for my enjoyment and not because I have to for class. The kindle is a beautiful thing for two reasons: 1) I can download all of my textbooks without lugging them around campus or collect paper copies that inevitably take up so much space and 2) Books are so much cheaper online! It’s a win win folks. So in terms of summer reading, I have a couple of non school ones in mind, but I would love to hear some of your suggestions if you have some favourites.

So those are my plans for the summer. I really think that it's important to make these declarations from time to time and think about whether you are spending your time the way you want to. Your job/studies are just one aspect of your life and a good friend once told me that assessing one's health involves three aspects; physical, mental and social well-being. Each part is equally important and, therefore, making sure that you are incorporating little pleasures from each category into your life should be just as much of a priority as anything else. I hope you have a great summer and take some time out to enjoy it from wherever you are. 

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Dedicated to Vivian Pan.

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Corinne said...

Good luck in your summer resolutions! Looks like you are really taking the time to better yourself and make the most of your life.

One book I would recommend to anyone is -

Extremely loud and incredibly close!

I read this book in one day. I found it truly magical and my copy of it is currently with one of my friends, I think this is the 5 or 6th I've passed it on to!

Corinne x

Anonymous said...

Great resolutions!

Monica Harmony's Blog

Sarah Jaegers said...

great post! wish you good luck for your summer resolutions! :)