Thursday, 3 April 2014

Canadian Lumberjack

I am so excited to share these photos taken by my friend, Jennifer Barr, who is equally talented as she is beautiful. This is the second time she has photographed me for this blog (see Hawaiian Warrior). 

It's hard to believe that our reunion post high school was only a year ago! I always love hanging out with Jen because every time I see her, I feel inspired to wake up before sunrise, exercise everyday, be super productive and eat healthy ALL the time (only one of us is successful at accomplishing these tasks…hint: it's not me. Curse my lack of will power and my reality t.v. and junk food dependency). Other than those minor differences, we have a shared love of food, fashion, Starbucks, photography, vacationing and all things pretty and sparkly! When you find someone with this many shared interests and teaches you so much (about books, music, life and how to create a killer itinerary *cough cough* NYC), you latch on to them for dear life and never let them go! 

We will be spending a lot of time together this summer so hopefully you will see more of her work soon, but for now, you can check out her keen eye, amazing taste and killer photography skills on her instagram account @jlcbarr

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

Jacket: courtsey of Jen, Hat: courtesy of Jen, Jeans: Celebrity Pink - $21, Boots: Steve Madden - $105, Sweater: J.Crew - $25.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Barr
Location: Toronto

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